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Why tailored development?

Using pre-built platforms may seem like an easy and safe path, but is it what your business deserves? This is just one of the questions you will have to ask yourself, as well as the questions below.:

Will this platform meet all my requirements?

In fact, there are some very simple sites, on which these platforms can even meet the needs, but when more specific needs start to emerge, tailor-made development will always be necessary, making the use of these solutions unfeasible.

Tailored development gives you a faster website that meets your needs and adapts to your processes!

I see so many sites alike. With a platform like this, would the same happen to me?

Most likely that would happen. Most companies that use wordpress are also based on the use of templates (pre-built websites) to create solutions for their customers, modifying only some colors, photos and texts.

Tailored development gives your website a unique look!

Why don't we use platforms like Wordpress and similar?

Our mission is to "create web pages and management platforms for simplified use and high performance, which improve our customers' processes and distinguish them from competitors as innovators.", and our vision for this to happen "is to become a reference of excellence in web development, being recognized for the quality, timeliness, distinction and simplicity of the solutions presented."

Based on these assumptions, it could never even cross our minds to use any of these platforms if our common thread is quality. Our final products are based on three cornerstones: "quality", "speed" and "customization"; and this can only be effectively achieved with the creation of a tailored solution for the customer.

Why empty box?

We have been in the market since 2004 and our work is carried out by Computer Engineers accredited by leading universities. We do not leave your work in the hands of any curious person who has been trying to do.

Making a project with the empty box is to feel that you are not alone on the way, as we are not limited to doing what you ask of us. We at empty box have a culture of symbiosis, always putting our know-how at the service of our customers through suggestions and ideas, always leaving the final decision in the hands of our customers.