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We do web!

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We do not work for prizes... we work for you!
... we create web sites and web applications tailored for your business.


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Our concern with performance is constant, so you can have the best user experience, without lagging.


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We do not use pre-built website platforms.
Your project is special for us, so it will be built as a distinct and unique piece.


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You need it, you have it!
There are no equal companies so, all web applications and websites must be made according to the requirements of each company.


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Based on your experience as a user, what feeling does a business with an old and inadequate website convey to you?
To be up to date, we always develop with cutting edge techniques and technologies.


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Do you need to access your web application anytime, at home, on the street, wherever?
Get 24/7 access to all the critical information you need, anywhere, in a simple and effective way.


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Changes are often needed and the ability to do so assertively becomes critical to the business.
We build in a modular way so that we can react without limitations and quickly to our customers' requests.

As clear as water, what we do...

Web Sites

We build tailored web pages using the most modern technologies and without the use of pre-built platforms and templates.

We create unique and distinct solutions for your business, always with the concern that your customers have the best experience when visiting your space on the internet.

Online Stores

Our online stores are completely customized and framed to the needs and processes of your business model.

All our stores are based on a common trunk that involves, customer management, categories, products, orders and many other areas, even online payments with multibanco references, mbway, credit cards, bank transfer and/or payment upon delivery, being able to customize any and all points so that it meets the requirements of our customers.

Management Applications

Right now, you're maybe wondering what a management application is.

Imagine you have a process that you'd even like to automate or computerize. Maybe you've already imagined this in various scenarios, but you've never found an application that meets your needs.

That's what a management application is and that's where we come in. At empty box we create web-oriented management applications that fully meet your needs and are accessible 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. Tell us your idea and requirements and we'll take care of the rest.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page (typically a single page) that serves a very specific purpose of promoting the sale of a particular product or service. However, landing pages can be used for other purposes.

We already have a lot of experience in creating landing pages for our customers. Want to know more? Contact us, or click here for an example of a landing page.


We also have a consultancy service for clients who have their own internal or external development team and want to have our technical advice or validation of solutions.

We also do...

At empty box we focus 100% in software development to create the best solutions for our clients.

Nonetheless, given the close connection between the services listed below and the services we provide, we have high-level partners in these areas, which we can recommend to our customers.

Online Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis, social media and search engine marketing campaigns.


Branding image development, creation of logos, promotional materials, whether printed or online

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